The stretch of Inglewood Avenue between Century Boulevard and 111th Street is a residential neighborhood zoned for business, so you’ve got a lot of houses that have been converted into restaurants and other businesses, explains streetgourmetla. There’s tons of stuff there, everything from touristy mariachi-filled restaurants to serous pollos rostizados joints.

Don Rogelio is a real Tex-Mex restaurant. It has fabulous, aromatic, beautiful cocido (beef stew), says streetgourmetla. “The cocido has huge Texas-size vegetables and tasted delicious. Along with some tortillas and the chorus of low flying planes, pure heaven on Earth.”

But if you really want an adventure, go after dark, says Professor Salt. “This street … has long been one of my hidden stashes of Mexican food.” There are two taco trucks that set up at night. The better of the pair is at the corner of Inglewood Avenue and Lennox Boulevard, says Professor Salt. “The first time I went, I noticed they hung coils of dry chorizo … in the truck’s window. I figure any business that hangs their food in front of your face like that … must take some pride in that thing. So I got the chorizo taco and damn if it wasn’t some of the best chorizo I’ve ever had.”

Be sure you’re on Inglewood Avenue, and not Inglewood Boulevard. They’re totally different streets.

Don Rogelio [South LA]

10618 South Inglewood Avenue, Lennox

Board Link: Lennoxico tour w/pics

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