In keeping with its low-profile style, Hide-A-Way Cafe quietly incorporated Ethiopian dinners into its otherwise standard American breakfast and lunch service a couple of years ago, and added “Dareye” to its name.

“When you’re in the mood for Ethiopian food, it’s hard to resist the lure of going back to the tried-and-true places I’m fond of,” notes escargot3. “I’m really glad we chose Dareye. The food is incredibly flavorful, and more inventive than most. They don’t shy away from spices, nor do they overdo it.” Unusual offerings include garbanzo flour with lemon, “an amazing mix of cabbage and garlic,” and a hot chile pepper stuffed with chopped tomato salad. Chicken tibs has delightful flavor and some crispy bits from the grill, too.

Joel agrees with escargot that the veggie combo is stellar. He also enjoyed the dulet, a blend of ground lamb and tripe. “In some restaurants this is swimming in butter and far too rich—but here it was perfect.” Mushroom tibs is good, too.

There’s a large patio out back that’s lovely when the weather is warm.

Dareye Hide-A-Way Cafe [East Bay]
6430 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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