There are those who praise and worship the quinoa grain (actually a seed, but we’re not splitting hairs around here). Then there are those who are drinking it in their cocktails. Yep, folks, drinkable quinoa is here—and it’s alcoholic.

Meet Qino One, the brainchild of Parisian restaurateur Jean-Denis Courtin. Back in the ’90s, Courtin began experimenting with vodka infusions, finally hitting on a combination of golden quinoa and rye for his new vodka.

Wine expert Anthony Dias Blue says the spirit has a “Bready nose with smooth, creamy texture and fresh, clean, vanilla-laced flavors; lengthy finish with balance and style.” Cocktail-loving blogger Deborah Parker Wong reports that “the quinoa imparts a slightly sweet, nutty aroma and flavor to the spirit while the rye gives it structure and a delayed attack at room temperature. When chilled, the rye takes a back seat to the viscous and nutty almost mineral quality of the quinoa.”

The quinoa, grown in Bolivia, is fair trade and organic. You won’t be getting much protein from this tipple, however. Apparently the distillation and filtration process takes it all out.

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