People tend to have their own ideas about what makes the best barbecue sauce, so the easiest way to find that perfect flavor is to do it yourself. “There is no reason to buy BBQ sauce when you can make it at home so easily,” says chef chicklet. “You can make the sauce as simple or as complicated as you like.”

bex109 makes his favorite sauce for baby back ribs by blending a can of mangos in juice and combining the resulting purée with a healthy dose of habanero hot sauce, fresh lime juice, and a pinch of salt, then bringing it to a simmer and reducing it until it’s good and thick.

BobB bastes his Memphis-style home-smoked ribs with a finishing sauce made from canned tomato sauce, vinegar, beer, butter, hot sauce, salt, and pepper, which is cooked to thicken.

Monch makes big batches of Jesse’s lip-smacking sauce to can, and then uses it on chicken and pork. NE_Elaine really likes the vinegar and mustard sauce included in Tyler Florence’s pulled pork sandwiches.

And check out the recipes on CHOW for Thick and Sticky Barbecue Sauce and Big-Time Barbecue Sauce, which is recommended by Antilope.

Board Link: Homemade BBQ Sauce–Do you?

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