“The Ghormeh Sabzi will bring me back again,” says lil mikey. He’s talking about PA2GH, a new Persian place just outside of the heavily Persian Westwood neighborhood.

The ghormeh sabzi is “a dark green, almost black stew with a deep, rich flavor, almost like tobacco (although there’s no tobacco in it). It’s made with leeks, green onion, parsley, fenugreek and kidney beans.” It usually comes with veal, but you can get it vegetarian if you wish. And it’s perfect spooned over basmati rice.

Try a doogh, a drink of yogurt, mint, and meat. “Yes meat,” says lil mikey. “I had to try it just because I’ve never had a meat drink before.” Verdict: tangy, spicy, and tasty.

PA2GH [Westside – Inland]
11033 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

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