For years (since his first post in April 2004), the straight talker behind the blog Waiter Rant has spewed venom on obnoxious diners, flayed bad tippers alive, and ripped the velvet curtain off the backstage antics of high-end restaurants. He’s written about wanting to club patrons over the head with a pepper grinder, seducing diners into ordering dessert, and where the chef really was instead of the farmers’ market. He’s rehashed the toll of having to work weekends and holidays, not getting paid when a restaurant has an unexpected closure, and dealing with rude customers. Hilariously, and with flair. And all anonymously.

Until now. Waiter Rant, it turns out, is written by Steve Dublanica, and he’s got a book out: Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip—Confessions of a Cynical Waiter. Anthony Bourdain’s calling it “the front-of-the-house version of ‘Kitchen Confidential.’” Like Bourdain, Dublanica has a bit of an ulterior motive in spilling the beans: He wants you to consider, as the New York Post puts it, “If you care whether the pig you are eating was humanely raised, shouldn’t you also care about the people preparing it?”

As Eater notes, Dublanica still hasn’t revealed the restaurant he waited at, which he referred to in his blog as “The Bistro” or “Café Machiavelli.” Readers at Grub Street have some guesses.

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