A Miami-based radio host points us toward an epic list of secret menus at fast food restaurants, 24 in all, via Coupon Sherpa.

The list includes copious details about the underground menu offerings of usual suspect In–N–Out Burger but also includes curve balls such as Jamba Juice (Peanut Butter and Jelly, Red Gummy Bear), McDonald’s (the Land, Sea, and Air Burger), and Starbucks (Biscotti Frappuccino, London Fog).

Personal favorites: Long John Silver’s Side of Crumbs (“This is a (Free!) box of fried batter parts that have fallen off the fried fish or chicken. Great to put on top of salads.”) and the Wendy’s Barnyard (“A spicy chicken sandwich with ham, bacon and beef separated by cheese.”).

Note: Those are favorites in a “huh, makes you think” kind of way, not a “boy, can’t wait to order that” kind of way.

Image source: Flickr member jonathanbrown under Creative Commons

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