Who says that trends always have to come from the coasts? Oh, that’s right: basically everyone who lives on either coast. Well, an Iowa business called A Snack in the Face is proclaiming itself “the nation’s first caffeine bakery,” and based on this country’s unquenchable love of carb-loaded sweets and soul-rending commutes, the idea of cramming an alertness aid into brownies and cupcakes seems like a model that’s likely to catch on.

The Des Moines Register writes that “caffeinated brownies, cookies, truffles and more shouldn’t be surprising, just another cultural touchstone for our work-harder, produce-more, sleep-less society.”

Meanwhile, speaking of caffeine, noted java merchant Starbucks has caught some flak for pushing the big C a little too hard—new simplified drive-through menu boards are streamlined to the point of not listing their small (sorry, “tall”) drinks.

USA Today quotes brand consultant Robert Passikoff, who doesn’t buy the Starbucks “doin’ it for the customer” mantra. “‘It’s disingenuous to suggest that how they simplified the menu was to benefit the customer,’ he says. ‘I don’t know why you’d suddenly drop your cheaper item off the menu.'”

Image source: CHOW.com

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