(Exceedingly) Weird Meat

If you enjoy reading about weird meat—and seriously, who (vegans included) doesn’t?—the blog WeirdMeat.com has you covered.

Actual weirdness levels vary (just how weird is the distinctly nonmeaty pancake mix in a bottle, anyway?), but the most recent entry certainly seems to qualify: It’s titled “Bunny Rabbit Heads,” and it’s set in China.

Here’s how the blog rolls:

I wasn’t sure how to get intimate with a rabbit cranium, so I went straight for the tongue. The tongue just sits there wiggling half limp between the open jaws of the bunny skull. Man, they’ve got big ol’ chomper teeth! So I carefully kept the jaw parted and put the tongue in my mouth and pulled it out. A bit of rubbery resistance, but it came off easily.

Huh. Come to think of it, it’s entirely possible that WeirdMeat.com is a brilliant PETA operation working incognito to gross out omnivores and thereby convince them to give up the ways of the flesh.

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