What priceless food wisdom have you distilled from decades of cooking or from older relatives?

— “My grandmother taught me, among other things, to pick out the sweetest peaches by following the bees and never to buy meat from a butcher shop that puts its prices in the window,” says SmallGoodThings.
— “Good restaurants may have bad bread, but bad restaurants will not have good bread,” says Bob W.
— “Don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink,” recommends Popkin.
— “Visit ethnic markets like a new traveler,” says HillJ. “Experiment.”
— “Fresh eggs are for poaching, older eggs are for hard-boiling,” says LauraGrace. “Fresh ones will never come out of the shell whole; old ones won’t hold together in the poaching water.”
— “Double the vanilla,” says Emme.
— “The quality of a restaurant is inversely related to the size of the peppermill,” says SmallGoodThings.

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