It’s the classic good news/bad news scenario for fans of Mexican food: Tomatoes have been given the all-clear after spending the summer on the Poison! Poison! list when a salmonella outbreak sickened more than a thousand people. But don’t rush out for those tortilla chips yet: A Texas produce supplier is recalling jalapeños, serranos, and avocados after finding salmonella in some samples. It’s not clear how far the peppers and ’cados made it, but officials say it’s not the same strain of salmonella that the tomatoes were implicated in.

As we all try to dodge that salmonella-laced bullet, the Short Order blog at Miami New Times is here to inform us that eating out in Florida might not be such a good idea. Apparently, it’s the most dangerous state for dining out, in terms of food poisoning. Maybe because of incidents like this. It’s followed closely by California, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York.

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