Burrata is the greatest of fresh Italian cheeses, a sort of uber-mozzarella that stands above other fresh cheese. It offers a burst of ultra-rich fresh dairy intensity. The outer rind of a burrata is like the freshest mozzarella you’ve ever had; as you approach the center, it becomes creamier, softer, and more unbelievably luscious. Burrata is to regular fresh mozzarella what a chocolate-falling-down cake is to a brownie.

If you want to eat it at a restaurant, try A16. They’re well known for their burrata preparations, and they get the stuff flown in every day.

But if you want it to take home, freshness is the thing. Try Cowgirl Creamery. Like A16, they get regular shipments of very fresh burrata from LA’s famed Gioia. Another option is A.G. Ferrari. Be sure to ask how fresh their burrata is–their staff says it keeps up to a week, but there’s a definite decline even after the first day. SteveG says burrata goes from extraordinary to sort of gross in five days. Rainbow Grocery frequently has burrata, but it’s often over half a week old.

Cheese Board sometimes gets burrata in a Thursday shipment, so only buy Thursday through Saturday. BiRite and Cheese Plus also carry it.

And, advises Robert Lauriston, don’t cook with burrata. You might as well use regular mozzarella if you’re applying heat.

A16 [Marina]
2355 Chestnut St., San Francisco

Cowgirl Creamery [Embarcadero]
Ferry Building Marketplace
One Ferry Building, shop #17, San Francisco

A.G. Ferrari [Citywide]

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative [SOMA]
1745 Folsom St., San Francisco

Cheese Board [East Bay]
1504 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

Bi-Rite Market [Mission]
3639 18th St., San Francisco

Cheese Plus [Polk Gulch]
2001 Polk St., at Pacific, San Francisco

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