We all know we should be incorporating more whole grains into our diet, but do you know your quinoa from your kamut? How about your sorghum from your spelt? And what on earth is triticale?

Food site Culinate comes to the rescue with its fantastic “Grain Glossary—Twenty Whole Grains to Cook and Eat.” As Food Editor Carrie Floyd explains:

The bulk bins can be bewildering; even when you’re familiar with a particular grain, it’s mind-boggling to make sense of all the names it may go by. Groats, grits, steel-cut, rolled, puffed, pearled, cracked, flakes, and flour are the most common references, and all describe how the grain has been processed.

She’s right. Even my local health food co-op thought spelt and farro were the same thing for a while (farro is also known as emmer wheat, but it’s not spelt).

Floyd is so serious about whole grains, she undertook a month of eating them every day. Check out her Whole-Grain Challenge for information, recipes, and inspiration (read: a gentle push in the right direction).

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