New and welcome in Chinese-challenged Carroll Gardens is a little dumpling joint called Eton. Owner Eton Chan, a chef with upmarket experience at Asiate and the just-closed Café Gray, goes home-style here, with a short menu of pot stickers (pork-beef-cabbage, chicken-mushroom, or tofu-lentil-mushroom) and Hawaiian-style shaved ice.

The signature dumplings are fresh, juicy, and delicious—“dumpling heaven!” exults curly30. Old Spice singles out the delicate wrappings (“not the usual thick, leathery stuff”) and recommends the lively house-made dipping sauces, which include one with chile and one with ginger and vinegar. At five for $3.50, these are not quite bargain bites like the five-for-a-buck dumplings hawked around Chinatown, but “the quality is definitely there,” says the_state.

Even better than the dumplings, says contempt, is the shaved ice. It comes in some 15 flavors, including Asian and tropical choices like coconut and red bean—all refreshing and not overly sweet, most hounds say. (seb, in dissent, complains of teeth-achingly sweet syrups.)

With cooler weather in fall, expect hand-pulled noodles in soup.

Eton [Carroll Gardens]
205 Sackett Street (at Henry Street), Brooklyn
No phone available

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