There’s no shortage of diners along Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside, but really good ones are rare, E Eto laments. A new bright spot in the neighborhood is El Guarache, where an anonymous short-order ace is turning out unusually good comfort food.

Burgers are smallish, in the fast-food style, but dependably good—and a decent deal at around $5 with fries. For a dollar more, E Eto recommends the Guarache (with grilled onions, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, and cheese), a worthy alternative to local burger favorite Donovan’s. Breakfast fare is also hound-worthy; an omelet with bacon and perfectly ripe avocado, served with well-seasoned, nicely crusty home fries, was a recent standout. Beyond all-American diner grub, the menu features some Mexican dishes, including a pretty good torta stuffed with moist, flavorful grilled chicken.

“What seems to be the common factor in all my visits,” E Eto adds, “is that there’s one guy cooking in the kitchen, and all my positive experiences are likely linked to his skills as a short order cook.”

El Guarache [Woodside]
68-06 Roosevelt Avenue (at 68th Street), Woodside, Queens

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