Could piled wheels of cheese replace wedding cakes? Couples in the UK and New Zealand are already swapping slices of cake with festive cheese plates, and it seems like a trend that could catch on in the States—especially if all these cheese “cakes” were as pretty as this heap of cheese, layered by a tony UK cheese company and decorated to look like a traditional wedding cake.

Of course, these savory “cakes” have the danger of looking a bit too moldy for the traditional couple. And some cheese “cake” purveyors seem to overcompensate for the potentially moldy look (and perhaps for that cheesy stink as well) with superfluous frills. In my humble opinion, goat cheese doesn’t pair well with baby blue feather boas.

In any case, making a cheese “cake” could be a fun DIY project for crafty brides- and grooms-to-be, and it seems a heck of a lot easier than baking your own wedding cake.

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