North American fans of hard cider—a group of which I count myself a happy member—might want to start booking a trip to Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia. According to an article in the travel section of the Seattle Times, there the cider houses rule.

Here’s a taste of what might be in store:

A country road winds past farmstands and wineries and finally to Sea Cider and a white farmhouse with a water view. Planted in front are 50 rows of apple trees, a different variety in each row, all certified organic. Visitors get a short tour of a lab and a small pressing, fermenting and bottling operation in the back, then relax on the deck or around wooden tables in the tasting room to sample ciders matched with local foods.

Air Canada, take me away.

Of course, with the American dollar wasting away compared to its Canadian cousin, I might have to make do with a visit to the tasting room at my favorite (somewhat) local cidery in the Sierra foothills. Summer is the perfect time to sip cider.

Those of you who have not yet joined our merry band of cider drinkers might just want to see what you’ve been missing.

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