UK-based Fortnum & Mason has made its products easier to get in the States via a new website, and the company sent a few samples to CHOW as part of its promotion. Since I rarely see anything made with gooseberries, these preserves interested me right away. I popped the jar open at home and slathered the fruity concoction on some toast. The large, whole gooseberries squished nicely over the bread, and the elderflowers provided a hint of citrusy perfume. It was also nice to see only simple ingredients on the label: sugar, gooseberries, elderflowers, pectin, and citric acid. The company’s preserves are on the expensive side, but they are elegantly packaged and of high enough quality that I would give them as a gift without worrying about the price tag. They come in 21 varieties, including banana, passion fruit, mango, golden raspberry, tayberry, and blackberry-apple.

Fortnum & Mason Gooseberry & Elderflower Preserves, $17

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