The San Francisco Chronicle has put together an informative, well-reasoned article listing 10 techniques every cook should know. Like every good feature on the Internet these days, it comes with corresponding videos, featuring Chron staff writer Amanda Gold.

The videos are indispensable; instead of following hard-to-visualize text (“cut the onion cross-wise, releasing the diced onions in each layer as you cut toward the root end”), you can watch Gold demonstrate. View how-tos that cover breading, browning/searing, dicing an onion, folding, making pan sauce, rolling out pie crust, making a roux, segmenting citrus, tempering, and making a vinaigrette, and you can call yourself an expert.

They’re not as zippy as the CHOW Tip videos, naturally, but they’re pretty darned neat. There’s also a cute little illustration of popular cuts, including fine dice, julienne, mince, medium dice, and rough chop. Or you could watch CHOW Food Editor Aïda Mollenkamp demonstrate several knife cuts.

Forget porn—this is why the Internet was invented: to spread good cooking techniques.

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