Tomato sauce and sun-dried tomatoes are now a standard pizza topping. But for something a little more exciting and original, how about smoked tomatoes? Small-ish, meaty tomatoes like Roma are smoked for about 10 to 12 hours, says morwen, so that they’re full of flavor but still juicy.

“I smoke Julianas (a cherry tomato–sized Roma type) in my Cameron stovetop smoker, then either freeze or oven roast and freeze,” says pikawicca. morwen has smoked Principe Borghese. “They did shrivel a good bit and some of them burst. Next time I’ll prick the skins to reduce/eliminate the bursting. They were delicious with the smoke flavor penetrating through them,” says morwen.

morwen’s tomatoes were still “saucy” when cut open, but keep in mind smoked tomatoes are not exactly shelf stable (no more than smoked salmon or smoked Gouda). “Perhaps halved and dried completely they would be shelf-stable, but they would no longer have that juicy burst as originally described. I ended up freezing,” says morwen.

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