Could an American chef be sitting on the British throne in the near future? Probably not, unless there is a huge pile of unexpected and untimely deaths. But the Daily Mail reports that at least two chefs are, nonetheless, part of the lengthy queue that stretches from the streets to the palace.

At number 309, Portland, Oregon, resident Wesley Berger is a grandson of Princess Caroline of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. When not waiting for 308 strangers to have sudden heart attacks, he cooks at Gino’s Italian restaurant.

And at number 1,201, Leopold “Polo” Dobkin is an even greater long shot for royal power, but he does appear to have the gastronomic chops to justify cooking at the palace, if not dispensing justice and wisdom from the throne room. He won his first Michelin star last fall for “hearty American cooking” at his Brooklyn restaurant, Dressler.

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