Fresh figs are like nectar to many Chowhounds; they just can’t get enough. Here are some of their favorite ways to use them.

Several hounds like to stuff halved figs with goat or blue cheese, wrap them in prosciutto, and eat them raw, grilled, or broiled. Figs stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with honey make an excellent appetizer, says lattelover.

JasmineG makes a “supereasy” pizza topped with thinly sliced figs and crumbled feta cheese, to which she adds prosciutto at the last minute.

mlgb thinks fresh figs are good in salad, while Emme recommends drizzling figs with balsamic vinegar and oil, then roasting and cooling them, before adding them to chicken salad.

MeffaBabe splits figs in half, lightly warms them in a mixture of butter and sugar, and then eats them with vanilla ice cream.

Finally, ScarletB says this recipe for fig-sesame jam is great and “incredibly easy.”

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