Meet the Waffle of the Future

Briefly: Here are two pieces of news you can use. One, there's a website called Quirky, which aims to be the real, three-dimensional product equivalent of the T-shirt company called Threadless. In a nutshell: If enough people vote for or preorder a thing (a T-shirt in the case of Threadless; just about anything in the case of Quirky), they actually make the thing and sell it. Products for sale or in development include a petal-themed rainwater-collecting bottle accessory, a water bottle that can hold two different liquids, and an awesome-looking yogurt incubator.

Two, Quirky is putting up for possible sale (at the reasonable price of $68) a revolutionary new waffle iron that makes waffle shots. Basically these are cup-shaped waffles that you can fill with, well, whatever—probably fruit and maple syrup and/or whipped cream, but knock yourself out.

Quirky has to presell 1,220 before it starts making them, so get on board now and make it happen.

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