Kee’s, a Chowhound favorite for Asian-accented chocolate truffles, has added cupcakes to the mix. Like the candies, they surprise and delight with unexpected flavors, kathryn writes.

Neither gigantic (like Sage’s) nor loaded with frosting (like Magnolia’s), these cupcakes are of reasonable size, kathryn reports, and they’re chiefly about the cake: “The frosting doesn’t stand out at all, in taste or proportion. But the cake part is great. Light, not too sweet, fluffy, not dry.” Standouts among the cake flavors, she adds, are rose, juniper, and Earl Grey (“delicious, comforting, addictive, a really subtle flavor that grew on me”); others include jasmine, sesame, and peach-ginger.

Kee’s Chocolates [SoHo]
80 Thompson Street (between Spring and Broome streets), Manhattan

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