There are fine cheese shops aplenty in the Boston area, but the ‘mongers recommended by hound after hound boil down to two places.

First and foremost, Cambridge’s Formaggio Kitchen, the gold standard for great cheese. Not only is the selection of cheese world-class, they know how to treat said cheeses: “Formaggio scrapes down and rewraps their cheeses with fresh wrap every morning,” says pocketgarden. “They also put out product only when it’s ripe, as they can hold onto it in their cave until ready.”

Plus, Formaggio knows how to treat customers: “A huge advantage of shopping at Formaggio is the ability to taste almost every cheese before buying it,” says Velda Mae. “The staff are knowledgeable and ask for feedback if you don’t like what you’ve tasted so they can help you find something you do like.” The big downside at Formaggio is the prices, but if you’re able to pay, “the quality can’t be beat,” says pocketgarden.

The second board fave is Wasik’s in Wellesley. Run by a family for three decades, Wasik’s is known for its prepared spreads, breads, specialty holiday items, and fantastic cheeses. Like Formaggio Kitchen, Wasik’s has its own aging cellar, and a carefully chosen selection of cheeses. nsenada says “they are very nice, and nonpretentious (despite being located in Wellesley) and have a great selection. Got an Epoisse from them that was at the very peak of ripeness—knocked my head back with its putrescent deliciousness.”

Putrescent deliciousness! Now that’s cheese!

Formaggio Kitchen [Cambridge]
244 Huron Avenue, Cambridge

Wasik’s Cheese Shop [MetroWest]
61 Central Street, Wellesley

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