Epi-Log blogger Heather Tyree learned during her stint at Daniel while she was in culinary school that every solo diner at the restaurant is “automatically elevated to VIP status,” and the rewards of dining alone include “a few extra gougères, a greater assortment of canapés, and special attention behind the scenes.” Tyree recently tried her hand at solo dining, but she chose a restaurant in New York City’s Korea Town rather than a super high-end spot, and she thoroughly relished the experience:

Truth be told, I think I enjoyed it more than ever before because I didn’t have to share myself or my food. I could eat all of the mung beans and spicy tofu, my favorites, alone, and I didn’t have to entertain anyone, make conversation, hell, I didn’t even have to smile or make delighted and approving noises while I chewed.

For all the shy travelers out there, does anyone else have an inside tip on restaurants that pamper solo diners? I’ve heard that at least a few other famous eateries share Daniel’s rewards policy, but since I have a very steady dining companion, I’ve never been able to confirm the rumors.

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