“Dunno why it has not gotten more love [on CHOW], but people need to try this place,” says ipsedixit—it’s “outrageously good.” ipsedixit is talking about Paradis Ice Cream, a Danish ice cream parlor. Its treats are creamy without being dense—and not air-whipped, either.

Paradis serves “wonderful ice cream, almost like a gelato, light, smooth, and really good flavors,” says Bic.

Pistachio ice cream may be the best ipsedixit has ever had: “Rich with strong fragrant pistachio flavor that borders on savory (like salted nuts) but in a very, very good way … being able to finally scratch that itch in the back of your throat kind of good.” It’s a particularly smooth pistachio, “as if it had passed through a fine filter, and so there was essence of nuts left behind instead of pieces of nuts,” says khh1138. It’s just like the ice cream khh1138 has had in Denmark—”dense, rich, and above all FRESH.”

Paradis Ice Cream [San Fernando Valley – East]
2323 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose

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