The only graham crackers that Nancy Berry likes are Nabisco Grahams Original. They’re the ones that come in a red box, she explains, not the Honey Maid variety. They’re hard to track down, so she orders them from Netgrocer. They’re special because, unlike most modern graham crackers, they’re made with molasses instead of honey.

Jim Leff managed to find some in a store. “As soon as I had a bite, I instantly remembered that I’d last had these at Hilltop Country Day School, age six,” he says. “I had a very sophisticated palate as a kid, though I didn’t always know what to call things. I can recall zooming in on the molasses, it almost provoked a synesthetic reaction then, and does still.”

Pia thinks “a lot of graham crackers taste like sawdust,” but says the apple-cinnamon flavor Earth’s Best Organic Crunchin’ Grahams, found in the baby food aisle, are surprisingly crunchy and tasty. The sugar-sprinkled graham crackers from Trader Joe’s get several recommendations, too.

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