Do kids want to eat junk food because of its flashy marketing or because it tastes like salt, sugar, and fat? Bolthouse Farms and about 50 other carrot growers are betting $25 million on the former with a plan to start selling baby carrots in a junk food disguise. USA Today reports that baby carrots will be put in “Doritos-like bags” and get some “hip” marketing like “a phone app powered by the sound of folks munching carrots in real time.”

The carrot people are tapping the agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which has created campaigns for Domino’s and Burger King. But the plan isn’t to slam junk food, reports USA Today, just “‘take a page out of junk food’s playbook and apply it to baby carrots.'” Will carrots go viral? Will the campaign address the fact that baby carrots are still kind of gross compared to a regular carrot? Will the cool new carrots have a Twitter account?

USA Today says the real problem may be that despite fancy new bags, carrots still don’t have enough of a fun factor. “Ad psychologist Carol Moog says kids may be disappointed to find all the flashy ads are really just for carrots. She says they need to make carrots more fun—like, perhaps, putting an orange (but natural) dusting on carrots that mimics Cheetos.” Nothing says fun like a little orange dust.

Image source: Flickr member ethanhickerson under Creative Commons

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