Egyptian-style fish has given way to Yemeni-style meat at an easy-to-miss spot on Bay Ridge Avenue. Wet Towel‘s verdict on the newly opened Bab al Yemen: “pretty awesome.”

Slow-roasted lamb haneez is wonderful, nearly the equal of the version at hound favorite Yemen Cafe. Minced, curried glabah lamb is also great. Baba ghanoush is solid, fool mudamas (stewed favas) not so much. Overall, though, Wet Towel finds Bab al Yemen a welcome addition to the evolving Middle Eastern landscape of Bay Ridge. It’s also the third restaurant in three years to occupy this hard-luck space and could use some support. “I’d encourage folks to come try this place,” he writes. “It’s great.”

Bab al Yemen [Bay Ridge]
413 Bay Ridge Avenue (near Fourth Avenue), Brooklyn

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