Taqueria Estilla Mexico was always one of Dommy’s
favorite Mexican taquerias. But it’s transforming: It has changed its name to Sazon, and it’s adding a Puerto Rican and Cuban menu. Right now, the new menu doesn’t exist in any sort of set or written form; you just have to ask for the Puerto Rican and Cuban dishes you want by name. Don’t know anything about the cuisines? Just do what Dommy did: Confess your ignorance, and put yourself in the server’s hands.

Pollo rostizado is Sazon’s take on Cuban roast chicken. “The flavor of the chicken was off the charts,” says Dommy. The biggest winner though is camarónes con salsa, a little bowl with plenty of shrimp and great posole. The platanos fritos (fried plantains) are perfect, served piping hot, with crema. “These had the PERFECT crisp caramel edge which shows the kitchen’s attention to details.” And spinach and cheese empanadas are great: thin crust, utterly crispy, and filled with gooey cheese and spinach.

For dessert: perfect flan napolitano—“firm, eggy, rich, and not too sweet,” with a flavor of pure burnt sugar and cream.

The old Mexican taqueria menu is still available, and still awesome.

Sazon [Westside–Inland]
12406 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

Board Link: Easing into Puerto Rican: Sazon on Washington and Centinela

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