Just emerging on Chowhound radar is a little South Asian corner of the Bronx. A handful of groceries and tandoor-and-steam-table restaurants—serving mostly Bangladeshis and Pakistanis, hounds report—have sprung up along Starling Avenue in the Parkchester section.

At Desi-Sawad, Deven Black suggests the goat curry: falling-off-the-bone-tender meat in an uncommonly rich sauce. He also likes the vegetable choices, especially an okra-and-onion dish that’s often in the daily-changing rotation.

A few doors west, Dawaat lays out a similar but slightly larger spread. If they’re available, Cheese Boy says, you must try the chops: delicious, inch-thick fried potato pancakes. There’s another good goat curry here, squid kun adds, as well as decent fresh naan and seekh kebab. Also worthwhile, if not life-changing, are beef bhuna, chicken curry, and green beans with potato.

A third steam-table eatery is across the street, a bare-bones dining room attached to Al-Aqsa, a halal grocery and butcher shop. And the newest addition to the neighborhood is Jol Khabar, a Bangladeshi restaurant on Westchester Avenue, a longish block to the south.

Hounds are not quite blown away by these places—“lackluster,” Cheese Boy writes, though “they do satisfy the craving”—yet at their best, Deven says, they’re very good.

A mile or two north, Cheese Boy endorses Rawal Ravail, a Pakistani restaurant on a diverse stretch of Lydig Avenue. Its naan is excellent, he says; its samosas, not so hot. fsval recommends the kebabs here, but cautions that other dishes are hit-or-miss.

Desi-Sawad [Bronx]
2146 Starling Avenue (between Purdy and Odell streets), Bronx

Dawaat [Bronx]
2104 Starling Avenue (between Odell Street and Olmstead Avenue), Bronx

Al-Aqsa [Bronx]
2109 Starling Avenue (between Odell Street and Olmstead Avenue), Bronx

Jol Khabar [Bronx]
2153 Westchester Avenue (between Purdy Street and Castle Hill Avenue), Bronx

Rawal Ravail [Bronx]
641 Lydig Avenue (between White Plains Road and Bolton Street), Bronx

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