Burger King has gotten in on the expensive-burger craze, and CBS News is shaking its finger at the fast-food chain. Burger King unveiled a $200 burger on its menu in one West London outlet, featuring Wagyu beef, Pata Negra cured ham, and a truffle garnish. It’s clearly more promotional than gourmand, but the CBS story takes a weird angle on the whole thing: outrage. “To some this is a burger—a high-end burger,” intones the story’s announcer. “To others, though, it isn’t a burger. It’s grotesque on a bun.” Cut to footage of starving children in Sudan. Enter quote from antipoverty group spokesman: “To come out with this kind of hugely expensive and over-the-top burger and to have 800 million people going to bed hungry every night is just to shoot yourself in the foot.” My God, what is the world coming to? Signs of apocalypse, etc.

But wait! It turns out that Burger King is donating proceeds to the Help a London Child charity, a little fact glossed over by the CBS story. So are we still supposed to be outraged? Oh, whatever; hand me a freedom fry.

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