Does McDonald’s get to stop restaurants around the world from using the Mc- prefix? It can, of course, make a reasonable claim that a Mc- name connected to a restaurant is an allusion to McDonald’s internationally ubiquitous brand. Thus the legal warning to a Sardinian restaurant called McPuddu’s.

The owner of McPuddu’s added the prefix in order to give the restaurant a “fast food feel,” according to the Guardian. That framing might be a mistake, as it suggests an effort to brand and promote the business using a name that someone else has built up.

That said: The wisdom of a multinational giant taking on a small independent shop in Sardinia is questionable; not surprisingly, Italians are pissed.

Possibly the most interesting single thing revealed by the Guardian article is the description of what McPuddu’s sells—”a Sardinian form of stuffed pasta filled with local sheep’s cheese, potato, and mint,” a.k.a. culurgiones.

Dang, that sounds amazing. I’d hit it!

Image source: Flickr member Brendan Adkins under Creative Commons

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