For people seeking further evidence that Western civilization has gone to hell in a handbasket: Britain’s Daily Mail reports that a popular pick-your-own strawberry farm has had to shut its doors to the public after “greedy gorgers” plundered and consumed massive amounts of the fruit before paying for it.

Mark Spight said he had been losing a quarter of each year’s yield to greedy punters at the farm in Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire. Some families were stuffing themselves with up to £15 worth of the summer fruit, costing the business as much as £225 every day.

‘The cheek of people was unbelievable. People were treating it like a giant open buffet,’ he said. ‘We’d expect to make about £40,000 during the strawberry season but we lost £10,000 of that to greedy gorgers.

Kids getting into fruit fights, women smuggling strawberries out in their saris, and other outrages turn this article into a fruitful read for those who mark the decline of society by the disappearance of manners and respect. And if you’re a recreational strawberry picker, remember: Snacking on one or two berries is OK, but if you’ve brought your own pot of cream for dipping, you’ve probably crossed the line.

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