“Being able to sit with someone who selects the beans, the roaster, and the person pulling the shots lends a personal touch, and a different level of experience that is hard to find. Enter Cafecito Organico,” says cls.

Angel Orozco, the coproprietor, learned to roast, “determined to perfect his craft, but kept getting kicked out of his rental apartments when neighbors complained,” explains cls. Orozco finally got a permanent roasting facility in Boyle Heights and started selling in farmers’ markets.

But he’s got a retail storefront now too, and the espresso is very good, says cls. “Angel was a very nice, charming, well spoken, easy to talk to guy. I heartily recommend giving it a try to hang out over a coffee, buy beans for home, or to learn from someone who is involved in every step of the process.”

Cafecito Organico [Silver Lake]
534 N. Hoover Street, Los Angeles

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