The old Baltic Square Pub in Richmond is now the Royal Oak, a real British gastropub serving traditional dishes like fish and chips, meat pies and pasties, and bangers and mash. The chef is from Liverpool, and almost everything is made in-house (the pasties are a two-day operation). Bangers come from Saag’s.

Fried fish is a fine example of the genre: a long piece of delicate fish in a light, greaseless batter, says rworange. She passed on the chips, but was pleasantly surprised by the “mushy peas”—about the consistency of mashed potatoes. Shepherd’s pie is “really, really good,” adds J T.

Ye olde English décor hasn’t changed much from the Baltic days, except for the addition of more British tchotchkes. Dinner entrées average $12 and come with chips, sautéed potatoes, or mashed spuds.

Royal Oak British Pub & Restaurant [East Bay]
135 Park Place, Richmond

Board Link: Point Richmond: The Royal Oak British Pub & Restaurant

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