Some incisive Top Chef commentary from Tim Carman over at Washington City Paper—he makes a strong case that fussy, oddball contestant Alex got a bum deal when he was eliminated instead of sexy-looking Amanda. Quoting his wife, he writes:

“Amanda deserved the heave-ho because she failed on two counts. Her French onion soup was not only nasty (I believe one judge compared it to dishwater) but it was not even cleverly disguised, as the challenge called for. Hell, it wasn’t disguised at all.”

Alex, whose reinvented veal Parmesan was overcooked, didn’t do a stellar job on the flavor front, but he at least won kudos for the skill with which he disguised his dish as per the show’s CIA-themed challenge.

Not satisfied by merely taking the show’s judges to task, Carman also indicts Anthony Bourdain, who vouched for the integrity of the program’s judging in Medium Raw. Critics have knocked the DC installment of Top Chef as lackluster compared to earlier seasons, but it still apparently has the power to get commentators lathered up.

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