It’s not on the website, not on other online menus, not even on the restaurant’s window. But if you go inside and ask, you can check out the takeout and delivery menu at Pamplona. And you should, urges kathryn, especially for the terrific sandwiches made to order at this tapas restaurant.

The steak sandwich is a generous slab of skirt steak, cooked to an appealing pink inside and cut into four chunks, then tucked into a foot-long baguette with aioli, avocado, tomato, and lettuce, and served warm. At $5.95, kathryn adds, it’s the priciest thing on this under-the-radar menu, which also includes salads and two or three soups (gazpacho and blue cheese were recent offerings).

Pamplona [Flatiron]
37 E. 28th Street (between Madison and Park avenues), Manhattan

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