When your blood sugar plummets and a fresh apple is nowhere in sight, that smashed energy bar at the bottom of your bag is a godsend. It’s portable and mess-free, and will buy you time until your next meal. It probably also contains alien ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and soy protein isolate. And it won’t taste that good. But you’re desperate, right?

With deliciousness at the front of our minds, we’re saying goodbye to commercial brands of energy bars. We reverse-engineered some of the popular bars, and underneath the fancy packaging they’re no more complicated to make than Rice Krispies Treats. So hikers and surfers, moms and kids, roll up your sleeves and make a batch or two of CHOW’s Figgy Fuel, Superseed, Cherry Power, and Chocolate Victory bars. Wrap them in plastic and store them in the freezer, in an airtight container on the counter, or at the bottom of your bag. These bars have power: Harness it.

Figgy Fuel Bar

Superseed Bar

Cherry Power Bar

Chocolate Victory Bar

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