The owners of Guru the Caterer, a hound Indian favorite in Somerville for some time, have opened up a new spot: D’Guru Restaurant in the Financial District.

StriperGuy, a big fan of Guru the Caterer, says the food there “shines most for what it is not: full of ghee and cooked to death.” The menu standards are all stuff you’ve heard of before—saag paneer, chicken tikka—but they’re done with an especially dab hand.

9lives tried out the new spot this week. It’s basic, with a few tables, a takeout counter, and a steam table with five to six hot choices. Dishes are served with naan, rice, and vegetables (“very creamy tasty spinach,” says 9lives). Chicken curry had “good spice flavor” as well. “I don’t think anyone should make a special trip from Somerville or anywhere else for this, but it’s a nice addition to the area,” sums up 9lives.

D’Guru Restaurant [Financial District]
185 Devonshire Street, Boston

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