Sea Harbour is famous for offering some of the best dim sum in SoCal, but its dinner service has come under some fire for being expensive and a bit inconsistent. But, reports an ecstatic exilekiss, the menu and kitchen are completely reinvigorated.

They’re at their best swinging live seafood from the tanks. exilekiss’s favorite dish: poached live giant prawns (bai zuo hsia). “After peeling away the shell, you gently dip the Poached Live Shrimp into their Light Soy Sauce-based dipping sauce laced with Green Onions and Chili and you’ve got near-perfection! It’s meatier, more tender and naturally sweeter than Lobster; delicious!”

The only thing that approaches it: their Cantonese steamed fish. “There’s nothing better than tasting succulent, flaky, bright chunks of very fresh Fish (live just minutes earlier), and Sea Harbour’s version is flawless,” says exilekiss.

If you order a larger live fish, you can get the head prepared as a separate dish. You can, for example, get sha guo yu toh—fish head casserole in clay pot. Your fish’s head is chunked, deep-fried, then braised with tofu, ginger, garlic, and green onions. It’s a great way to extract the intense flavor of fish head.

Their whole and half chicken dishes now have to be ordered a day in advance, letting the kitchen finally serve consistently fresh roasted and fried chicken without the cost-cutting reheating that plagues other local Cantonese joints. Bao wong ji—poached free-range chicken, with a wok-fried soy-based sauce—is excellent. It might be a little off-putting to those who are used to fattier, looser chicken meat, says exilekiss, but the denseness and leanness of the meat works well precisely because of the freshness. It tastes vibrant; even the chicken breast is juicy and moist.

Watch the prices here, though—some of their live seafood items can be the most expensive things in San Gabriel right now. Market prices run the gamut from $10 a pound to $80 a pound for some of the rarer live fishes. You can be paying out anything from $25 a person to $200 a person.

Sea Harbour [San Gabriel Valley]
3939 N. Rosemead Boulevard, 

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