I can’t stop thinking about the NY Times Magazine profile of Food Network star Guy Fieri. Here is specifically what has been haunting me. This quote:

“Mr. Fieri, with partners, runs three branches of an Italian-American pub called Johnny Garlic’s; and two hybrids of California-style sushi and Southern barbecue called Tex Wasabi’s. Johnny Garlic’s serves dishes like Cajun chicken pasta Alfredo; a signature dish at Tex Wasabi’s is found in the ‘gringo sushi’ portion of the menu: the Jackass Roll, filled with pulled pork, avocado, and French fries.

“‘A lot of people who like sushi don’t really like raw fish or seaweed,’ he said. ‘So I make what they do like.'”

The picture, here, is of sushi with brisket in it. Who are these people who “like sushi” but don’t like raw fish or seaweed, and what does that even mean? What is it that they do like about sushi? Is it the rice?

Image source: Flickr member rick under Creative Commons

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