lipoff was served a highly disappointing house-made ginger beer drink at Highland Kitchen: “The cocktail menu lists the Mark N Stormy as being made with a spicy homemade chili infused ginger beer. So I asked for just a glass of that. It was so flavorless I wonder if I was even served the right thing, or perhaps the chili and ginger hadn’t infused enough.”

Where is a better ginger beer to be found? Multiple hounds recommend the quaff at Drink: “They make some exceptional non-alcoholic libations with that ginger beer. It’s a great thing to get between cocktails since it’s super flavorful, and is something you can drink slowly and enjoy on its own,” says litchick. (CHOW has some of Drink’s cocktail recipes.)

Word has it that the ginger beer at Izzy’s and Russell House Tavern is also terrific.

Drink [Fort Point]
348 Congress Street, Boston

Izzy’s Restaurant & Sub Shop [Cambridge]
169 Harvard Street, Cambridge

Russell House Tavern [Cambridge]
14 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge

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