Cooking moist and tender rabbit takes a bit of finesse, because it’s a lean meat with little subcutaneous fat and is therefore easy to overcook. Braising is the most reliable technique, thinks dagwood, who loves to do it Moroccan-style, with honey and apricots. carswell agrees, and says that not only should it be braised with the lowest possible simmer, but that initial browning should be done over low to medium heat as well, because high heat at this stage will also dry out the meat. He adds that marinating and braising in an acidic liquid will help tenderize it, and adding fat such as salt pork, bacon, or cream will increase the moistness.

For an alternative, dct’s favorite preparation is fried rabbit, done in the same manner as fried chicken. And, as a final note, Karl S feels rabbit liver is the finest liver of all, so it is worth getting a rabbit with giblets included.

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