Thinking of nipping into Great Britain’s Tesco supermarkets for a sixer? Make sure you leave your kids in the car: According to the Telegraph, Tesco has banned alcohol sales to parents when they have their underage kids with them.

It’s not, as I first thought upon reading the headline, just to improve the moral standing of parents. Instead, it’s to curtail underage drinking and the specter of adults buying alcohol for minors. So, presumably, you could be wearing your baby in a sling and still purchase that fifth of vodka you so desperately need, since you’re probably not buying it for the baby. Tesco told staff to “err on the side of caution” when interpreting the policy. Woe to parents shopping with their teens:

Dominic Zenden, a television medium, was told he could not buy six bottles of Budweiser beer when he was accompanied by his 15-year-old daughter Devon.

A cashier at the shop in Sprowston, Norwich, refused to believe Mr Zenden, who has his own series on Sky television, was not going to share the drink with his daughter.

As the commenters to this story point out, it’s always been illegal to sell alcohol to adults when the cashier thinks they’re going to be giving the liquor to minors, so Tesco is just getting more assertive in its enforcement of the law. But trusting the busy cashiers to use their judgment is probably a recipe for lots of consumer unrest.

Not mentioned in the Telegraph piece: last year’s allegations that Tesco promoted underage drinking.

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