McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap

McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap

I Paid: $1.49 for a wrap (prices may vary by region)

Taste: 3 stars

Marketing: 4 stars

The new Mac Snack Wrap looks almost exactly like Taco Bell food. Same shape; same pale, nearly flavorless tortilla that only really asserts itself as a filmy texture rather than as a flavor. There is one disturbing difference, however: The patty remains a patty, when you’re expecting to see ground beef.

If you sample the Mac Snack Wrap side by side with a Big Mac, two striking things emerge. First, the fabled sesame seed bun really is a major player in the Big Mac’s signature taste, and you’ll miss it when it’s gone. That said, the second thing you’ll realize is that McDonald’s has been able to nearly totally reproduce the taste of a Big Mac in a soft tortilla. Even the proportions are right: the onions, the Special Sauce, the pickles, the workmanlike-but-serviceable industrial ground beef. Save for the missing bun, you’re eating the same dish. And as fast food goes, it’s well balanced, each component pulling the collective yoke in a unified direction.

True to its name, the Mac Snack Wrap really is only a snack. It’s smaller than a Big Mac, and clocks in at 330 calories, versus 540 calories in the burger. You’re also saving a bunch of money: The Snack Wrap is $1.49, the Big Mac $3.39. And yes, you can eat it in your car while driving without running as much risk of a Special Sauce emergency.

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