Chinese dumplings filled with dill, pork, and shrimp are delicious if you love dill, but not so good if you don’t, says Mark P. But, even though dill is not commonly used in many Chinese cuisines, the dill dumpling is authentic and not some American artifact of fusion. HLing remembers eating large amounts of sautéed dill as a child growing up in Taiwan. While he hated it at the time, he now loves northeastern Chinese dill-and-pork-filled dumplings.

HLing recommends that those amused by the novelty of dill dumplings also try dumplings filled with another northern Chinese specialty: pickled Napa cabbage (often listed as sour cabbage) with pork. “The northern Chinese pickle Napa cabbage in such a way as to resemble the taste of sauerkraut,” says HLing. “Go figure.”

Board Link: Dill Dumplings (Chinese)–Authentic? Regional?

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