Janet from Richmond bought some P.B. Loco raspberry white chocolate peanut butter but found it to be way too sweet to use on toast. Aimi loves the stuff, both the raspberry white chocolate and the Sumatra cinnamon and raisin flavors. “I agree that it’s way too sweet for meal food, but think of it in a dessert sense,” advises Aimi. “I like it on a waffle, warmed and drizzled over ice cream or pound cake, as a layer in a parfait, or blended into a smoothie.” The cinnamon-raisin flavor is full of cinnamon and not quite as sweet as the chocolate one. “I sandwiched some of the Sumatra Cinnamon Raisin between two thin waffles for breakfast this morning. Yum! But you have to have a really big glass of milk with it,” adds Aimi.

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