Suddenly there are two worthwhile places near the airport for a bite and a drink—even if LAX isn’t on your itinerary. Tompkins Square Bar & Grill is basically a neighborhood bar, with excellent sliders and fries (sweet potato fries and herb fries are options), says Tari.

Over at the superchic Custom Hotel, sliders are also on the menu at Bistrotek—shrimp sliders. Crisp shrimp on brioche rolls with pickled cucumber and cocktail shrimp are definitely yummy, says Perceptor in a photo report. The menu is a kind of upscale, sometimes witty take on comfort food, with beef stroganoff ravioli, citrusy crab linguine with almond pesto, and a grilled dessert sandwich of mascarpone cheese with raspberry “ketchup” and Nutella.

Tompkins Square Bar & Grill [South LA]
8522 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles

Bistrotek Restaurant [South LA]
In the Custom Hotel
8639 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Tompkins Square
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